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Falken Tire

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When you drive your vehicle, whether it's across the country or just down the road, you want to know that you are driving something safe, strong, and reliable. Many factors can influence, and sometimes degrade, your vehicle's ability to perform and one such variable is the quality of your car's tires. Tires provide the most basic component of drivability and function to your car or truck. They are intricately connected to every other system, whether directly or indirectly, because if your tires are worn down and malfunctioning, it makes every other system in your vehicle work twice as hard to compensate. When you are looking to purchase the right tire brand for your vehicle, you need to go with something that you can depend on; something with girth and precision that will help to elevate your vehicle's overall performance. That's why you should go with Falken Tires.

From Humble Beginnings

Falcon Tire

Falken Tires don't have the typical tire brand origin story. This brand began it's journey in Japan, with Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Sumitomo Rubber Industries is a highly respected rubber manufacturer, whose roots can be traced all the way back to the turn of the century. Their reputation for producing the highest quality rubber material is second to none. For decades they had been supplying rubber to many tire manufacturers, including their long time business partner Dunlop.

It was a natural step from producing rubber material to making their own tire products. When you purchase a Falken Tire, you are buying directly from that legacy of high quality rubber manufacturing. That is why the quality from a Falken Tire comes from both the mold it is shaped from, and also the materials used to create it. Since their parent company creates rubber, they can afford to utilize the same grade material as motorspot vehicles, which is why so many people refer to Falken as a "high-end" or "luxury" tires.

Winner's Circle

Falken first came on the scene in the 80s, supplying their wares exclusively to motosports drivers and sports enthusiasts. Their tire was created for racing, and the results showed in their drivers performances. Falken quickly began to rise in prominence, as consumer demand for this incredible product grew and they so adapted their formula for consumer vehicles. They wanted to create a tire that could provide the dependability necessary for a consumer vehicle, while maintaining all the great qualities that made motosport racers into champions.

Why Falken?

Falken is the tire brand for the racer in all of us. Every car deserves to be treated and cared for as though it were a winning race car, in order to ensure that your vehicle continues to function to its highest ability. Falken tires offer the widest selection of performance grade tires you can desire for your vehicle in order to provide you with what you're looking for. Regardless of how specific your tire needs may be, if you are looking for a tire with a long history of winning, Fallken will have a solution for you.

Contact Autoglass Outlet And Tires today to order your own Falken Tires. We offer the luxury at an affordable rate, from the place you can trust. See how you can shop for falcon tires and start treating your car, and yourself, like the champions you are! Come browse our Falken tire selection today if you are near Joplin, MO, Carthage, MO, Webb City, MO, or any surrounding area.

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